Apply Online:

Step One:User Registration

Step Two:Fill in the Online Application Form and Submit the Following Documents ( Hardcopy Documents Are NOT Needed):

1. Recommendation Letter from Institutions: The recommendation letter issued by the institution with which the applicant works should include introducing the applicant and expressing the willingness to recommend the applicant to study in China. Applicants recommended by SAIs should present the recommendation letter from Head of SAIs. Priorities will be given to those applicants with recommendation letters written by Head of SAIs.

    2. Recommendation Letter from Professionals. The letter should be written by professionals with the title of associate professor or higher. The letter should focus on academic qualification, major field of study, achievement and research ability.

  3. Photocopies of Diploma or Certificate: Graduation Certificate” and Certificate of Degree” of your most advanced studies.

4. Photocopy of Academic Transcript of your most advanced studies.

5. Resume: Please specify your personal experience, academic experience after high school, and work experience.

6. Statement of purpose: Please specify your personal plan and purpose of studying the related major in China.

7. Study or research plan: Please specify the goals of study and research to be accomplished during the study in China.

8. Photocopy of the private passport: the photocopy of the information page of the passport, which clearly shows the photo, the name and the passport number. Do NOT use the diplomatic passport or the official passport.

9. Photocopy of the language proficiency certificate: the transcript or certificate of English language proficiency tests such as TOFEL or GRE etc., which is required of applicants from non-English-speaking countries.

10. Two 2-inch bareheaded photos in white background that are taken within 3 months before application.

11. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner: the physical examination record which is done within 1 month before application, which proves that the applicant does not carry any serious infectious diseases, the disability that affects the study, or any entry-forbidden diseases in accordance with the Chinse laws and regulations.

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Step Three:Application Documents Reviewed and Assessed

Step Four: Check Application Result

Step Five:  Original Documents Including Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202 or JW201) and Registration Notice Are Couriered to Successful Applicants. Scan Forms Will Also Send to Applicants' Emails Addresses.

Step Six:  Applicants Apply to the Corresponding Chinese Embassy or Consulate  for Their Student Visa (X) after Receipt of the Documents and Prepare  for Their Travel to China.