New Cultural Experience: Learn Tai Chi in the Cloud


In order to further enrich the online cultural life of international students and better experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture, Dr. Zhou Liping from the Department of Physical Education and Art Teaching was invited by the School of International Exchange to conduct a wonderful and vivid online experience class of Taijiquan for international students on May 11.

During the class, Dr. Zhou introduced the history of Taijiquan, its main genes and its fitness and self-defense in details. After that, Ms. Zhou showed the basic techniques of taijiquan to the students, starting from the taijiquan fist-hugging salute, leading them to experience the subtlety of each move in taijiquan, and to feel the Chinese wisdom of overcoming rigidity with flexibility and advancing with retreat. After the activity, the international students expressed their admiration for the profoundness of Taijiquan and Chinese culture, and they were looking forward to the next cultural experience.

Taijiquan is one of the most famous traditional cultures in China. It is based on the Taoist philosophy of Taiji Yin and Yang, and today more than 300 million people around the world study Taijiquan. Through the learning of Taijiquan, international students can not only understand a cultural phenomenon, but also feel the Chinese philosophy behind it, in order to enhance their interest in learning Chinese culture.