【Students' Union】HELLO!你好!


Hello everyone!

Have you all heard about "Hello, Chinese Classroom"?

In this new semester, we'll see you all with a new format, new content, and ...

New friends!

Many international students came to China a few days ago. They came from many different countries on the Belt and Road to study with us, and are curious about Chinese culture.

In order for them to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, we have planned this Chinese language class - Magical Chinese Characters!

In this Chinese language class we shared the secrets of Chinese characters with them in the form of a discussion quiz and a game.

After a little warm up, we're off to the races!

Go back in time to trace the origins of the Chinese characters in the card streak.

Go through the evolution of Chinese characters in a drumming session.

Discover the mysteries of Chinese characters in a picture-and-quiz session.

Enthusiastic volunteers teamed up with curious international friends to complete small tasks and learn more about Chinese characters step by step, driven by the facilitators, and the scene was once very intense!

From“山”、“木”、“人”、“田”to 苹(píng)果(guǒ)  食(shí) 盐(yán)  肥(féi) 皂(zào)  牙(yá) 刷(shuā)  香(xiāng) 蕉(jiāo), it's getting more and more difficult, but they never gave up!

The international students were very happy and after the event they expressed their enjoyment of the event and started to look forward to the next one.